Oct 302013

In case you missed it, yesterday me and the Roave team announced that we are going to be hosting regular, live Google+ Hangout On Air where we discuss the latest progress and developments on Zend Framework 3.

The community response to this announcement has been awesome! Already, in under 24 hours, we have over 70 people RSVP’d for the first broadcast. We are excited to be hosting this series and hope it will provide a fun, easy, and entertaining way to keep up to date with the latest developments in Zend Framework 3 while getting people excited and more engaged in the community.

Manuel Stosic (Sam) has written a great blog post about the various ways you can follow ZF3 development today:

One way to follow the development is to keep track of the discussions for Zend Framework 3 Ideas on Google Moderator. Not only will you be able to keep track and understand coming changes, you can actually do something against it!


Just today I learned about a great project that some of the great minds behind Zend Framework started. Marco <Ocramius> Pivetta, Evan <EvanDotPro> Coury and Ben <DaspriD> Scholzen will be holding a regular series of Live-Videos / Hangouts where the will be talking about the current status of development of ZF3. They will be highlighting some of the core changes and give reasons for why they are doing so.

I want to emphasize an important point that Sam makes in his post: Zend Framework is a community project. You can do far more than just follow the progress: you can get involved, contribute ideas, feedback, comments, and even code. The Zend Framework 3 Ideas Moderator page is public for anyone to vote, comment, and suggest their own ideas. Additionally, you can subscribe to the zf-contributor mailing list, or chat with others in the community on the #zftalk and #zftalk.dev IRC channels on Freenode.

PS: The first hangout of the series will be on Wednesday, November 6th at 15:00 UTC, and will be featuring special guest Matthew Weier O’Phinney, project lead for Zend Framework. You won’t want to miss it! RSVP today at the Google+ event page.

May 312013

Edit: This event has now passed. Thanks to everyone who attended and the DPC13 organizers for making it a great conference!

I’m very excited to have been invited to speak at DPC13 next week in Amsterdam. I will be giving both a tutorial and a regular talk on modules in Zend Framework 2. The tutorials are selling out quickly, but there’s still a few tickets left for my ZF2 tutorial, so don’t wait!

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Speaking at Sunshine PHP

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Feb 022013

Edit: This event has now passed — I’ve posted the slides for this talk here.

If you haven’t noticed the badge on the side of my blog, I’ll be speaking about modules in Zend Framework 2 next week at SunshinePHP in Miami.

With an incredible line-up of speakers such as Cal Evans, Fabien Potencier, Rasmus Lerdorf, and many more, this is going to be a conference you won’t want to miss.

Register for SunshinePHP today!

Jan 182013

During a code review last week, one of my clients mentioned that they were looking into alternatives to Zend_Form for their ZF1 application. They were looking for something that was easier to use than ZF1′s Zend_Form for their developers, and could easily be used with Twitter Bootstrap form markup without having to deal with decorators. Without giving it much thought, I suggested that it might be possible to take advantage of the new Zend\Form from ZF2, which would easily meet their needs, and there’s a ton of Twitter Bootstrap modules for ZF2 that easily make your forms Bootstrap-friendly.

This got me thinking… How difficult would it be to create a sort of compatibility layer enabling ZF1 applications to take advantage of ZF2 features and modules without refactoring the entire application for ZF2? Well, as it turns out, not very difficult. Allow me to introduce ZF 2-for-1.

Simply install ZF 2-for-1, and you can instantly use many of the great new ZF2 features right inside of your existing ZF1 applications. It’s even capable of loading ZF2 modules. Of course, not all ZF2 modules will “just work” with ZF1 using ZF 2-for-1, but some simple modules should work just fine. As ZF 2-for-1 improves, more and more modules will likely become compatible.

Properly excluding IDE-specific files with Git

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Nov 052012

We’re all familiar with the various project-related files that are thrown into our working directories by IDE’s and the various tools we use.

It’s very tempting to just start throwing things like .settings/, .idea, .project/, etc into the project’s .gitignore file as you run across them, and unfortunately, many projects do this. However, Git provides a much more elegant solution for this: global excludes files.

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Upcoming ZF2 talks

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Sep 102012

Edit: All of these events have now passed.

October is going to be a busy month for me. I’ll be giving quite a few ZF2-related talks and tutorials. If you can make it (or get your employer to send you), I highly encourage you to attend PHPNW12 or ZendCon. If you can’t make either, be sure to check out the free ZF2 ModuleManager webinar which I’ll be giving on October 10th.

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ZF2 Training at PHPNW12

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Sep 102012

I am very excited to announce that Rob Allen and I will be presenting a full day tutorial on Zend Framework 2 at PHPNW12 in Manchester, UK.

With Zend Framework 2 released, this tutorial will walk you through building a complete ZF2 MVC application from the ground up. Starting with the ZF2 skeleton application, we’ll discuss how and why it works and look at the core components used. Specifically, I’ll ensure that you understand how ZF2′s service manager, dependency injector and event manager are used with the HTTP and MVC components as the foundation of a ZF2 application. We will also look at how to use and install pre-existing modules, while also creating our own modules during the tutorial. Grab your laptop and come learn all about the new ZF2 MVC, event manage, robust module system, and more.

Head over to the tutorial page and buy a ticket now!

Why Zend Framework

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Sep 072012

Fabien Potencier just wrote an interesting post where he outlines what he believes to be the selling points of the Symfony project. First, let me point out that all of his points are 100% valid, and there’s no doubt that Symfony is a great framework. I have great respect for Fabien and the Symfony project as a whole.

That said, my concern with Fabien’s post is that usually “selling points” for something imply that they are things that set something apart from the alternatives. Now, I’m sure Fabien had no ill-intentions when writing his post, but I do worry that some may misinterpret his post as a list of things that set Symfony apart from Zend Framework or other frameworks, which is simply not true.

Allow me to address each of Fabien’s points from Zend Framework’s perspective:

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